Pharmaceutical Calculations Book


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Pharmaceutical Calculations book

The Pharmaceutical Calculations book features step-by-step solutions to each calculation, simple examples, and clear explanations of key terms. In addition, there are test-yourself sections and rules to remember. In addition to the book itself, a workbook for each chapter is included for extra practice.
The book’s initial chapters focus on the building blocks of pharmaceutical calculations, reviewing math fundamentals and concepts for weighing pharmaceutical ingredients. Later chapters deal with more advanced calculations, including radiopharmaceuticals and biologics.
The importance of a Pharmaceutical calculations book cannot be understated. As a pharmacy student, you’ll need to know the fundamental calculations and techniques used in pharmacy practice. It’s important to understand these formulas and how they’re used to prepare medications.
It will help if you master them before you take the final exam. The pharmaceutical calculations book will give you the necessary knowledge to get the job done right.

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